Top European Bicycles with that technology and design making them very desirable

If we join the desire to return to the bicycle to the tendency to make more “smart” everything we have around our lives, the result is that the bikes are evolving in a less surprising way .

Not only some major brands are betting on this technology, there are also many particular innovations that bet on creating bicycles connected to the Internet, or with lights and sensors to support our driving. Today we take a look at 12 bikes that the technology and design makes very desirable .

Vanmoof 10 Electrified

Our first protagonist today is the Vanmoof 10 Electrified , a bike with a sober design and that has all the look of being completely analog. If it is here, it is obviously not so: Vanmoof 10 Electrified has an integrated GPS , both to help the driver and to locate the bike in case of theft, as well as a 250 watt motor of support that gives that surname of ‘Electrified’, with autonomy of between 30 and 60 kilometers. The bad thing, as it will be habitual today, is its price: 1.998 euros , available in pre-sale in its official page.

Ford Super Cruiser

Ford is perhaps one of the best moving brands when it comes to applying innovation in vehicles, and the American manufacturer has decided that some of its new products will be electric bicycles. His is the Ford Super Cruiser, developed in collaboration with Pedago (company dedicated to the creation of the electrical part), and has a design that will remind us of Ford’s early years as an automobile manufacturer, back in the 20th century . A flirty bike with a 600-watt engine and limited speed at 32 kilometers an hour, with a range of 48 kilometers, Shimano Acera changes and disc brakes. If you are interested in a preparation of the 2,625 euros it costs.

Matra Elle

I love this. Raspberry tones for an ivory bicycle created by Matra along with Elle magazine. The result is the Matra Elle , an electric bike for the female sector that has a 250-watt motor and seven-speed automatic transmission. It is already on sale in France for 2,199 euros , although with a version without the electrical part available for 1,299 euros.

VeloMini III

The VeloMini III can be considered a bicycle, although you will quickly have seen that its size is significantly smaller than we are accustomed. We can define it as a folding bike uses a motor of 180 watts to allow speeds of up to 20 km / h without effort of the user. The best of all? It is foldable and can be transported very simply. Worst? That the price, despite not being excessive, is rather high: 960 euros at the current exchange, for sale in the United States.

Gi Bike

Nothing to do with Gi Joe , if not something quite different. Gi Bike is one of those folding bikes that opt ​​for a great design, with an aesthetic that can remind us of the classic speed bikes and a 250-watt electric motor to reach 25 km / h maximum. Another peculiar feature is a set of lights on the wheels to position Gi Bike in a night environment, as well as the possibility of exchanging information with a smartphone if we connect via USB cable. Come on, another bike connected and very nice, but in the process of financing Kickstarter where they promise to put it on sale for about $ 3,000