Tips for a beginner for choosing mountain bikes and bicycles


Are you hooked on the MTB but the bike you have does not cover your needs? If so, you have to buy one among the many mountain bikes that are there to get you started on mountain biking.

If your first mountain rides were with a basic bike, you will have noticed that something has to be changed. And we do not tell you because you can not keep up with your fellow riders, that depends a good way on your legs and an adequate diet for the practice of cycling , but we say it for a subject of safety and durability in addition To prevent joint pain .

  • And you may wonder quite possibly: and what do I buy myself?

Before you go into online stores or go to the neighborhood bike shop it would be convenient to have a few basic concepts.

Rigid or double bicycle?

I guess you’ve already noticed, but BTT without damping is already history. Any BTT that is at least equipped with front cushioning.

First dilemma: rigid or double? Doubles are more comfortable if the terrain is abrupt or loose. They are heavier bikes. The rigid ones allow you to run more, but in some situation your back may thank a double.

If it is your first investment we would recommend a rigid one. So you can opt for a bicycle with better components at the same price as a double.

  • Disc brakes or pickups?

Without a moment’s thought! Always disc brakes. The effectiveness and quality of the braking leaves no doubt. The disc brake on steep slopes will be your great ally. It is the one that will guarantee you to stop as and when you want.

So in this aspect discards without doubt a mountain bike with brake pads.

  • Wheels of 26 “, 27.5” or 29 “?

At the moment it seems that if you do not have a bike with 29 “wheels you are not a real biker. Although the trend of the market is relegating to 26 “low-end bikes, there is still a market for all but not seem.

The purists will say that the 26 “are for mousetrap routes and that the 29” are for routing. You will also hear that the 29 “pass the steps better and pull more. And that the 27.5 “are somewhere between the 26” and 29 “.

We would tell you to choose one that fits your height. If you are under opts between a 26 “or a 27.5”. If you are of medium height let yourself be carried by your tastes, although you will decant by a 27.5 “or 29”. If you are tall a 29 “may be your best choice.